2000 49' Van De Stadt - Samoa 49, $ 310,000

$ 310,000
2000 49' Van De Stadt - Samoa 49
Jul 14, 2020
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  • Diesel
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49 ft
15.7 ft
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Lyra was constructed in 1998 and commissioned in 2000. She is one of a rare handful of rugged go-anywhere sailboats designed for a very specific purpose and built to exacting standards.

To coddle its crew of two in fast efficient comfort and luxury.
Sail anywhere safely, including extremely high latitudes.
Bullet-proof with watertight bulkheads to survive any conditions.
Easily singlehanded by the on-watch partner.
Commodious storage without compromising semi-light displacement.
Indefinite off-the-grid sustainability.
Accommodation for two occasional guests in a second double cabin.
This graceful and unique Dutch yacht is a head-turner wherever she goes and is customized and adapted for very discerning and serious world cruisers. Don’t be fooled however by her stunning lines and her classic appearance. This is a modern sailing yacht designed and built to the absolute highest current world standards using composites and epoxy – stronger than steel. The result is a light, stiff and proven seaworthy machine that is very easy to sail, even solo.

Lyra is not your average production-yacht. She is the proud creation from the board of Van de Stadt in Holland, a pioneer of modern yacht design. He is responsible for the wing-section fin keel and balanced spade rudder combination, the first very fast plywood yachts, the world’s very first series-production fiberglass yacht, and the world’s first maxi – “Stormvogel”. Lyra’s design is based on Van de Stadt’s original SAMOA 47, but the design team customized several features to achieve the outcome seen in this beautiful one-off 49’ version.

The renowned yard of Adrie Pijnen in Holland, known worldwide for high-end custom composite vessels, was chosen for the specialized construction. Van de Stadt openly favors composite epoxy construction, but very few yards anywhere in the world today still use this method due to its exorbitantly high cost of production. Most Samoas have in fact been constructed in aluminum, a
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v8s 2N4
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